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What is Presbyopia?Learn the signs of Presbyopia 

Presbyopia is an extremely common eye issue that causes blurred vision when reading, working on the computer, or doing other tasks requiring focus. Presbyopia develops in people 40 and over, and is sadly unavoidable. Even if you’ve had perfect vision in your teens, 20s, and 30s, presbyopia will affect you.   


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Milwaukee’s Grange Vision performs comprehensive eye exams for all patients, which includes complete evaluation of eye health, vision acuity, and measuring eye refraction. Our professional optometrists make you feel as comfortable as possible, prescribe your best eye care options, and answer all of your questions.  

Blurred Vision Happens to Everyone

Slight vision-loss is common, but why does presbyopia happen to so many people?

The reason is simple: As people age, the natural lens of their eye loses its flexibility and slowly develops a thickening substitute. As a result, the eye has a much harder time focusing on things up-close.

What Can I Do to Prevent Presbyopia?

Although presbyopia can happen to anyone, keeping your eyes healthy is still very important. You only get two of them!

Take care of your vision by:

  1. Maintaining a diet for eye health, which includes fruits, vegetables, & fish
  2. Wearing sunglasses when you’re outside in the sunshine
  3. Wearing protective eyewear while running or being active outdoors
  4. Attending regular eye exams with Grange Vision

Want to keep your eyes healthy for the long haul? Regular checkups with our optometrists will monitor your eyes as they change over time. Call our South Milwaukee eye doctor and schedule an appointment today!

Signs of Presbyopia

  • Hard to focus on fine print
  • Headaches or eyestrain
  • Blurred vision
  • Trouble seeing in low light conditions

Grange Vision Takes Care of Your Presbyopia for Clear Visibility

Our optometrists provide special eye care for all degrees of presbyopia. Whether you’re just starting to notice your vision changing or you’ve been suffering from nearsightedness for a long time, Grange Vision will determine the right lens for you and your vision.


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We provide the following lenses and treatments for presbyopia: 

Take the time to care for your eyes; get the right corrective lenses for presbyopia and you won’t have to squint to see clearly again.

Contact South Milwaukee’s eye doctor for presbyopia and schedule an appointment now!