Paragon CRT Contact Lenses

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Do you hate having to wear glasses, or even contact lenses all day? You need corrective lenses, but everything you try is super uncomfortable.


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Paragon CRT Contact Lenses, also known as corneal refractive therapy or orthokeratology, reshape your cornea while you sleep to improve your vision. The reshaping is non-invasive and doesn’t require surgery, which is very attractive to a lot of patients. Only worn during the night, these lenses are taken out in the morning and give you perfect vision throughout the day!

Corneal refractive therapy requires 2 weeks to adjust your vision; you will even notice improvement in vision within the first few days! Once your vision has full adjusted, you still must wear the lenses every night. If you find that CRT isn’t for you, it only takes 2-3 weeks for your cornea to go back to its original shape.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Paragon CRT Lenses?

Opting for Paragon CRT Contact Lenses are a great choice for children with frequent vision changes or progressive nearsightedness, and adults that lead an active lifestyle. The lenses are also a convenient option for:

  • Jobs that operate better without glasses or contact lenses
  • Those who are uncomfortable with contact lenses
  • Children active in sports
  • People with dry eye

Think Paragon CRT lenses might be right for you? Individuals who have nearsightedness and/or astigmatism are the ideal candidate for cornea-reshaping lenses.


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Paragon CRT lenses are specifically designed for people with nearsightedness, or myopia. If the cornea is curved too much or the eyeball is too long in length, the CRT lenses carefully reshape the eye for outstanding vision.


These contact lenses are designed to reshape the cornea, including in eyes with astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, Paragon CRT lenses might be perfect for you. Schedule an eye exam with Grange Vision today!

Paragon CRT Contact Lenses Aren’t Always the Right Solution

Even though these lenses have been proven to work wonderfully for some, not all vision problems work well with CRT.


Patients with farsightedness, or hyperopia, are not great candidates for wearing Paragon CRT lenses. Fortunately, Grange Vision offers several other options for correcting hyperopia. Contact us to schedule an eye exam and see clearly again.


Those with presbyopia might be able to wear Paragon CRT lenses. Although corneal refractive therapy was created for nearsightedness and astigmatism, our Greenfield optometrist can determine if the specially-designed lenses are right for you. Make an appointment now!


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CRT Lenses Give You a Full Advantage

Paragon CRT contact lenses from Wisconsin Optometrists

Paragon CRT Contact Lenses don’t fall within a certain age bracket. The all-age approved lens is completely safe and effective for the young and old. Myopia can begin in children as young as 6 years old, and worsen as they get older.

CRT lenses offer several benefits to wearers, no matter the age.  

Children & Teens

  • No worry of losing or tearing a contact lens at work or school
  • No hassle of wearing glasses for sports
  • No worry of water washing contact lens away
  • No worry of cracking glasses frames or lenses

Adults & Seniors

  • No discomfort from contact lenses, especially patients with dry eye
  • No inconvenience with a job that functions better without contact lenses or glasses
  • No worry of post-eye surgery side effects
  • No hassle of floating debris irritating contact lenses
  • No lens irritation or dry eye

Grange Vision features Paragon CRT Contact Lenses for patients with astigmatism and nearsightedness. If you find you’re not a candidate, we also provide stylish prescription glasses, contact lenses, and more.

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