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Overnight Vision Correction Optometrists near MilwaukeeOrthokeratology lenses reshape your cornea

What is Orthokeratology? Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is an optical treatment using special contact lenses to correct your vision overnight. While you sleep, the gas-permeable contact lenses painlessly reshape your cornea, allowing you to see clearly when you remove the contacts in the morning.


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Grange Vision has in-house Orthokeratology experts at our Milwaukee eye doctors’ office, and provides Ortho-K exams and lenses to the Greater Milwaukee Area. Our friendly, highly-rated Ortho-K eye doctors will walk you through the process, answer any questions and prescribe custom lenses specifically for your eyes.

How to Start the Ortho-K Process

The Orthokeratology process is split into three parts:

  1. Initial appointment: At your initial exam at Grange Vision, we’ll determine the refraction error of your cornea, and use the information to find the right Ortho-K lens for your eyes.
  2. Ortho-K lens fitting: Once we’ve found the right lenses (usually on the same day as your initial appointment), we’ll walk you through lens insertion, care and removal, making sure you’re confident in using your Ortho-K lenses at home.
  3. At-home use: After you begin using your Ortho-K lenses, you can expect to enjoy crystal clear vision in just a few days!
To schedule your initial Ortho-K appointment, contact Grange Vision today.


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Ortho-K FAQ

Is Ortho-K permanent?

Ortho-K is not a permanent solution to vision problems. Ortho-K lenses will temporarily correct your vision after removal, but must be worn regularly to maintain results. Its status as an impermanent vision correction removes some of the risk associated with more permanent solutions, like LASIK eye surgery. Many patients use Ortho-K as a test run for more permanent treatment, or simply to avoid risking the negative side effects associated with them.

What are the side effects of Ortho-K?

Side effects resulting from Ortho-K are exceedingly rare, but can occur in every few thousand patients. Side effects might include:

  • Corneal irritation
  • A swollen or stained cornea
  • Dry or irritated eyes

Orthokeratology side effects can be mitigated with proper lens replacement, wear and cleaning. At your initial Ortho-K appointment, your eye doctor will talk to you about how to minimize the risks associated with Ortho-K.

Who can use Ortho-K?

Generally speaking, anyone with mild to moderate astigmatism (also known as myopia) is a good candidate for Ortho-K. Astigmatism is a defective curvature of your eye’s lens resulting in blurry, distorted vision. Ortho-K works to temporarily re-shape your cornea, thereby correcting the distortion.

Ortho-K is commonly used by:

  • Children or adolescents too young for LASIK
  • Athletes and those involved in contact sports
  • Those who work in dusty or irritable environments
  • Anyone who wants to be glasses-free

How long do Ortho-K take to work?

The immediate effectiveness of Ortho-K lenses depend on the wearer’s prescription. Typically, the lower your prescription, the faster you will experience clear vision upon lens removal. In low-prescription patients, some enjoy the benefits after just one night. Others may take a few days or up to a couple of weeks to have completely clear vision in the morning.

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