Post-LASIK Care in Milwaukee

Grange Sets You Up with the LASIK Clinic, then Performs All Post-Lasik Care On-Site

Post-LASIK Care in MilwaukeeLASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) surgery is an increasingly common procedure for our patients. Grange Vision works with an outstanding LASIK clinic in Milwaukee. Our LASIK patients undergo the quick surgery at their location, and then all post-LASIK care happens at our office.


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LASIK can dramatically improve poor vision, reducing your reliance on glasses or contacts. LASIK corrects the shape of your cornea and is one of the most common procedures to fix nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Before Undergoing LASIK Surgery

We determine if you are a viable candidate for LASIK surgery and what expectations you have from the outcome. Next, we determine which LASIK procedure is best and most appropriate for your eyes.

Grange vision looks for the following eligibility before performing a laser eye procedure:

  • 21 years or older
  • Consistent vision for at least a year (no changes in prescriptions)
  • Clear of other eye diseases
  • Complete understanding on risks and side effects

Each surgery recommendation is done on an individual basis and we will also consider medical history, prescription medication and other key health factors. Depending on your condition, you may be asked to not wear contacts pre surgery for as much as a week before.

If Grange Vision believes it is appropriate we will recommend a local Milwaukee eye surgeon who will be responsible for your surgery.

During LASIK Surgery

One of the advantages of LASIK is how quick of a procedure it is. In under an hour, the surgery should be completed. Patients are asked to lay on their back and focus on certain point for one or two minutes.


Get an Eye Exam


A laser computer will be used to operate on your eyes while a numbing solution is added to your eye. Depending on the severity of your eyesight, your cornea will be reshaped to focus better through various techniques.

After LASIK Surgery

Immediately after your procedure, many patients experience discomfort or mild pain, watery eyes and sensitivity to light. Grange Vision will schedule your first post-operation visit to our Milwaukee eye care offices within 48 hours. Your first examination after LASIK will include an initial vision test and an eye exam. You may be given some suggested mediation based on results. Regular visits should be scheduled with Grange Vision to monitor all improvement and determine any underling problems.

It can take anywhere from 3-6 months to fully recover from a LASIK surgery, but with consistent checkups at Grange Vision we monitor that your vision is stabilizing correctly.

If you are considering LASIK, contact our Milwaukee eye care offices to schedule your pre and post LASIK operation visits.