Foreign Object Removal

Our Optometrists Remove Any Object within Your Eyes

Foreign Object Removal by Milwaukee OptometristsOne of the most unsettling sensations you can experience is something in your eye. It is uncomfortable and in the worst cases can be a painful experience. Grange Vision takes any foreign object issue seriously because of the risk it poses to possible permanent eye damage.


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It might just be a piece of dust, but in some cases a foreign object can scratch the cornea or cause worse damage. This takes time to heal and attention from professionals at Grange Vision.

What to Do if You Get Something in Your Eye? 

If you know there is something sharp or chemical in your eye, go straight to an eye care professional or the emergency room.

To remove something less serious try these tips:

  1. Do NOT rub your eyes – this can make it much worse
  2. See if you can locate the object with someone else or a mirror
  3. Carefully try to blink - tears may naturally wash the debris out
  4. Use lukewarm water to rinse your eye and flush it out

An object still causing stress to your eye after following the above tips should be treated by a professional optometrist at Grange Vision. If something is stuck in in your eye for more than a few hours, you should stop all efforts of at-home removal and call our offices immediately for an emergency appointment.

For emergency eye care, call Grange Vision at 414-281-4800 or visit your nearest emergency medical center immediately. 

To schedule a non-emergency appointment, contact the eye care professionals at Grange Vision.