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What is Diabetic Retinopathy?Dilated eye for diabetic retinopathy in Milwaukee

Diabetic retinopathy occurs when the blood sugar levels are consistently out of control and unstable. This causes leakage of small to medium-sized blood vessels throughout the body. Fortunately, the eye is the one place that can be monitored for these exact types of blood vessels without performing a surgical procedure.


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There are multiple stages of diabetic retinopathy and the severity of each stage indicates what treatment is needed in order to prevent full vision loss:

Mild Stage

Diabetic retinopathy’s mild stage involves gaining better control through diet or medication adjustments. Careful supervision and proper treatment will help resolve the condition.

Severe Stage

The more severe stage of diabetic retinopathy requires a surgical procedure to stop the blood vessels from leaking. This might involve injections in the eye and close monitoring by dilation during a diabetic eye exam. Unfortunately, total vision loss can occur if the condition is not diagnosed and treated promptly.

What are the Symptoms of the Diabetic Eye Disease?

When blood sugar levels are constantly increasing and decreasing, the rapid change can cause your vision to fluctuate. Diabetic retinopathy causes the following symptoms:

  • On-and-off blurry vision
  • Floaters
  • Difficulty seeing colors
  • Total blindness

If you have diabetes, and have experienced any of the above symptoms, schedule an appointment to see an endocrinologist or primary care provider. If you experience severe changes in vision or total blindness, this can be a serious sign of diabetic complication – schedule an appointment with one of our diabetic eye exam optometrists immediately!

Why is an Annual Diabetic Eye Exam Important?

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. With the number of people diagnosed with diabetes on the rise, it is very important for patients with diabetes to have their eyes examined annually.

Grange Vision provides comprehensive diabetic eye exams that include monitoring visual changes, which can be caused by fluctuating blood sugar levels. Our diabetic eye exam optometrists carefully check the eye for signs of diabetic retinopathy and communicate these findings to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist makes sure you’re taking the proper medications and correct dosage.


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Grange Vision Monitors & Helps Treat Diabetic Retinopathy

Grange Vision works with you and your diabetic eye disease specialist to help monitor and treat your diabetic retinopathy. In order to keep your eyes healthy, we provide routine diabetic eye exams, which entail the following:

  • Refraction test for eyeglasses prescription
  • Examination of the front and back of the eye
  • Dilation to inspect the blood vessels

We continually monitor your diabetic retinopathy and work with several ophthalmologists for further evaluations and treatment. After you have your annual diabetic eye exam, we will send a letter to your specialist, informing them of any diabetic changes in the eyes. This open line of communication between us and your doctor allows you to receive the best diabetic retinopathy care possible.

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