Contact Lens Exams and Evaluations

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If you’re considering wearing contacts for the first time or you’re already a seasoned expert, Grange Vision can help. We offer everything from first time examinations to evaluations for long-time contact users.


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At Grange Vision, we also stock the best-quality lenses for people with all types of vision correction. All of our contact lens patients sit down with one of our optometrists, receive an eye exam, and are given trial lenses with a reorder schedule for future contacts.

We offer all types of specialty lens products including, but not limited to:

The type of lens you end up with is dependent on your visual requirements and why you want to wear them. Soft or rigid gas permeable contacts are most commonly chosen among our patients.

The best way to determine which contact lens you need is to stop into our Milwaukee eye care clinic and sit down with a Grange Vision optician.


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We deliver!

There's no reason you should be expected to come all the way back to our office once we've found the right prescription for you. When you order your contacts from Grange Vision, we provide fast contact lens delivery right to your home at no extra cost! 

To make your experience at Grange even simpler, you have the option to set up recurring contact lens delivery so you always have the option to wear contacts instead of glasses. We also recommend all of our contact patients to schedule a yearly appointment with one of our opticians to monitor the health of your eyes, regardless of whether you still have plenty of contact lenses.

Contact Lenses for Kids: Can a 10 Year Old Wear Contacts?

According to the American Optometric Association 51% of optometrists believe it is acceptable to introduce soft contact lenses to children between the ages of 10-12 years old. With advances in daily contacts, optometrists are more willing to fit children with contacts at your child’s eye exam. Daily contact lenses decrease the risk of lens-related eye infections making them safer for kids. 

Children’s glasses can impede their ability to perform in certain activities and sports. Contact lenses for are great for kids who play sports since they won’t suffer loss of peripheral while wearing them. Sports that require goggles like swimming and skiing are safer and more comfortable with contacts. 

Contact our Milwaukee contact lens specialists to answer any questions you have regarding your contact prescription and to schedule your next appointment.