Eye Exams in Milwaukee

Ensure You Are Seeing Clearly

Eye Exams in MilwaukeeAn eye exam from one of our Milwaukee optometrists is the best way to understand the health of your eyes and make sure you have the clearest vision possible. We also have a large selection of glasses to prescribe once the examination is over.

Get an Eye Exam

As part of a comprehensive eye exam at Grange Vision, we will determine what the best possible option for you and your family is by asking you about:

  • Symptoms: any issues can help us narrow down what is impairing your sight
  • Medications: current or previous medicine is necessary for a diagnosis
  • Work environment: different types of jobs create different types of stress on the eyes
  • Overall health: lifestyle and wellbeing can give insight into the best treatment

Some eye illnesses are slow developing with limited pain and no initial vision loss. Grange Vision wants to protect your eyesight and if we can detect something early there is a much lower risk of permanent damage.

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How often do you need to get an eye exam?

Grange Vision recommends an eye exam every year, but based on your health, age and job you may need more frequent visits. Anyone who currently wears contacts or glasses should be visiting Grange Vision annually. After you or your child has their exam, you can browse our large selection of great-looking frames.

Get an Eye Exam

The American Optometric Association provides recommended eye exam schedules for adults and children.

Download our Patient Health History Form (PDF).

Adult Eye Exams

Just as with children, any adults who wear glasses or contacts should be meeting with Grange Vision annually. Even if you have never had eye problems, it’s smart to visit an eye doctor at least every two years.

As we grow older there are new threats to our eyesight. These include changes in blood pressure, certain prescription medications, and simple heredity. The AOA recommends annual eye exam for people over the age of 60.


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Child Eye Exams

Grange Vision provides routine eye exams for children of all ages. Whether it’s part of a physical for school or your toddler is showing signs of needing glasses, we provide vision care through it all. Make an eye appointment today to learn more about children’s eye exams in Milwaukee.



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Vision Insurance Plans Accepted by Grange Vision

Our Milwaukee eye doctor accepts patients with select vision insurance plans. Whether you need a basic eye exam, prescription contact refills, or post-LASIK care, Grange Vision teams up with the top insurance companies - providing you with the best eye care in Milwaukee.

We work with a variety of vision insurance companies, including:

If you have any questions when you or your children should schedule an eye exam in Milwaukee, contact Grange Vision for professional eye care.