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Patients without Insurance Receive Affordable Eye Care from Grange Vision


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Grange Vision provides the same vision care Milwaukee residents with insurance receive for patients without insurance. From basic eye exams to prescription glasses, our Milwaukee opticians offer special payment options to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. Our affordable eye exam and eye health options allow you to take care of your eyes now, so that way you can avoid costly and time-consuming options later.


Eye Exams Without Vision Insurance are More Common Than You'd Think

Umbrella Insurance

Health Insurance Limits

Health insurance does not cover a lot of vision care and full vision insurance has to be purchased separately. As a result, many of our Milwaukee area patients do not have vision insurance. Yet eye health is just as important as the rest of your body.

Affordable Care Act Eagle

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act requires coverage for children under the age of 19. Children under this insurance coverage can receive eye exams, vision screening, glasses, and contact lenses.

Vision care, however, is not mandated for adults (18 years or older). This type of care leaves many to buy stand-alone vision care and eye exams.

Eye health diagnosis

Present Cost vs. Future Health

Sometimes diseases or side effects from prolonged eye neglect can cause serious and expensive problems in the future. You only get two eyes, and there are no spares. Treat them right.


How Much Do Eye Exams and Eye Care Products Cost?

Eye exam

Eye Exam Cost

 Our basic eye exams are available starting at $115. 

eye glasses

Eye Glasses Cost

The price will vary depending on the frame you pick out and what lens options you choose (Anti-glare, Transitions, etc.).


contact lenses

Contact Lense Exams and Deliveries

We offer a special package and pricing for patients who don’t have insurance. For more information, call 414-281-4800 or stop by the office.


Milwaukee Eye Doctor Offers Comprehensive Eye Exams, Prescription Glasses, & More





How Can I Afford Eye Exams and Eye Health Care without Insurance?

Affordable eye health hands

Affordable Eye Care

Vision insurance is often overlooked. Many of our Milwaukee area patients do not have eye insurance as a result, even though eye health is just as important as the rest of the body. 

Our full-service eye care affordable for all regardless of whether or not you have insurance.

Care Credit Card for Granger

Payment Plans & Financing

Our eye doctor accepts CareCredit for select services - you can sign up in the office for any balance over $200. CareCredit is a convenient way to finance for eye care and acts as a credit card that allows you to make interest-free monthly payments for up to 12 months.


Promotion Blast

Promotions and Rebates

We offer great promotions involving our eyeglass frame and lens selection. Make sure to stop in and ask about our current sales or promotions. Contact lens promotions are often mail-in rebates that save you money on the cost of a 6- or 12-month supply.

Grange Vision offers 50% off all frames, lenses, and exams to patients without vision insurance or who pay out of pocket. We provide quality eye care services to everyone, and want you to take care of your eyes – you only get two!

Designer Frames for Patients without Vision Insurance





The Pricing Can Depend On The Level of Care Your Eyes Need

No one in the world has the same eye color as you. Though the shades may appear the same, they are all different depending on our genes and overall eye health. The same goes for the type of care your eyes need. An eye exam from one of our expertly trained optometrist can provide a diagnosis for a basic new pair of glasses, glaucoma identification, astigmatism identification, post-operation Lasik care, diabetic retinopathy, foreign object removal and more. That diagnosis can change the price point of what your eyes may need.

Whether you just need to fulfill prescription with one of our opticians or need a diagnosis with our optometrist, contact us for more information.

Our quick guide below can help you understand the eye care staff better.



An Ooptician (often mistaken for an eye doctor) receive a degree or certificate after completing a 1-2 year Optician program. They are skilled in fulfilling and interpreting lens prescriptions. They work with both customers and Optometrist in order to deliver the correct prescription.



Optometrist (OD)

An optometrist has a bachelors degree, in addition to a doctorate degree in optometry from a 4-year program. optometrist act similar to your general care doctor, where they understand the history of your eye health and progress.


Eye Surgery


An Ophthalmologist has the same extensive training and expertise as Optometrist plus more. Their education and training are extended as they are required to graduate from medical school. As fully licensed doctors, they are able to provide the same care and expertise as Optometrist with the addition of being able to perform corrective eye surgery.



Wisconsin Driver's License Standards Requires Corrected Vision

Wisconsin Driver's License


According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, to be eligible for a Wisconsin driver license, the driver must be able to see details clearly and be able to see to the sides. Though it's the Wisconsin DOT standard, the standard follows across state lines and is widely accepted federally. Though the standards vary depending on a regular driver's license, a commercial driver's license, or a school bus driver's license, corrected vision and minimum requirements are necessary to retain the license.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the regulars driver's license are as follows:

Regular driver license - autos, small trucks, vans​


  • 20/100 vision or better in at least one eye
  • 20-degree field of vision from the center in at least one eye

Vision of less than 20/40 in each eye or less than 70-degree field of vision may require:

  • Referral to a vision specialist for a recommendation
  • Driving skills test
  • Restrictions on the license (such as daytime only, outside mirrors, limited area or routes, etc.)


Don't get stuck on the side of the road, schedule an eye exam with us today!





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Grange Vision se enorgullece de servir los hispanohablantes en Greenfield. Tenemos empleados que hablan español y pueden ayudarle a usted y su familia con cualquier necesidad de cuidado de los ojos. Queremos asegurar que todos tengan acceso a una salud visual perfecta.

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You Can Still Purchase Eye Vision Insurance

Our Southeastern Wisconsin clients know that their vision is extremely important to them. That's why some of them end up investing in eye health insurance with individual service plans. VSP is the largest vision insurance provider in the nation as they provide insurance to 1 out of 4 Americans. With a tremendous track record of individual and family service plans for everyone, they make a great partner for your eye health.


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