Grange Vision Accepts Patients with Vision Insurance

Affordable Milwaukee Eye Care Services

At Grange Vision, we believe in providing affordable eye care services for all our patients. Our comprehensive eye exams, prescription glasses, and other services are covered by many different vision insurers. You get the best eye care in Milwaukee without high costs or steep copays.



List of accepted insurance plans for eye examsGrange Vision accepts patients with vision insurance:

If your insurance isn’t listed here, please contact us to see if we will accept your vision insurance. We will determine what your plan covers and how it can apply to Grange Vision services. Depending on your exact provider, our office can send on the bill for insured services directly. All you have to do is cover the usual copays or out-of-pocket services at our front office.






Eye Care Services for Patients without Vision Insurance

Health insurance does not cover a lot of vision care and full vision insurance has to be purchased separately. As a result, many of our Milwaukee area patients do not have vision insurance. Yet eye health is just as important as the rest of your body. Grange Vision accepts patients without vision insurance and has affordable services so all our patients can stay healthy longer.

Many people put off basic eye exams because they believe it’s too expensive without insurance. Before long, they’re wearing glasses or contacts with an incorrect prescription. Or they begin to experience a treatable eye condition. Grange Vision has basic eye exams available starting at $115.

Throughout the year, Grange Vision offers specials, promotions, and discounts to make our services and products even more affordable for patients without insurance. Get new contacts, eyeglasses, or prescription sunglasses at great prices when you visit Grange Vision.




Don't want to pay out of pocket? Grange Vision also makes it easy to sign up for vision coverage for you and everyone in your family. Sign up through the link above, or contact Grange Vision for more information. 


Milwaukee Eye Doctor Accepts Patients with Vision Insurance

Contact our Milwaukee optometrists and opticians to learn more about affordable eye care services.


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