DeltaVision Insurance in Milwaukee

Bundled Dental and Eye Care Coverage

Delta Dental has DeltaVision Insurance plans for Grange VisionDeltaVision is a specific part of Delta Dental meant to provide patients with eye care coverage. Plans are designed to be flexible for those who require prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. The Milwaukee optometrists of Grange Vision accept patients with DeltaVision plans. Schedule an appointment to get our comprehensive eye care at a great cost when you’re covered by DeltaVision.

DeltaVision covers:

  • Exams
  • Frames
  • Lenses
Get an Eye Exam


Special lens options include UV coating, scratch resistance, and anti-reflective coating. All of these options would be far more expensive if paid out-of-pocket to an out-of-network provider. With Grange Vision, you get all these options at an in-network discount.

Selecting a dental and vision plan through Delta Dental means even more discounts. Bundled options through employer-based or group plans are very common. Eye and dental health are often indicators of overall wellbeing, making combined plans a major benefit for patients.

Eye Care Services for Patients without Vision Insurance

A lack of insurance shouldn’t come in-between regular eye care. Grange Vision accepts patients without vision insurance if you are in need of an exam and do not have coverage. This frequently occurs when waiting to be added onto a new employer-provided plan or dealing with an insurer probationary period. DeltaVision plans have no waiting periods.

Don’t wait for the eye care you need! Go to Grange Vision in Milwaukee. Start with a basic eye exams for $115. Next, order new frames, lenses, or contacts through our many special discounts.

Contact Grange Vision if you have Delta Vision Insurance coverage.