Eye Exams for Children

Grange Vision provides all inclusive eye appointments for kids in WisconsinTop rated children's vision exams in Wisconsin

Vision and learning are more connected than most people realize. Poor eyesight creates roadblocks for reading, writing and comprehension. Almost everything explained in a classroom is presented in some sort of visual medium and poor vision makes learning challenging. Your child may need glasses in order to learn at their highest potential without even knowing it. But before school is even a consideration, a child’s eyes must grow accordingly just like everything else.

A parent should schedule an eye exam with our optometrists based on AOA’s recommendations:

  • Birth to 24 months: eye exam at 6 months
  • 2 to 5 years: eye exam at age 3
  • 6 to 18: every two years

These guidelines are only for children without any eye risk, which requires a complete examination to check for development problems with the eyes. Any child at risk should have more frequent eye exams. Milwaukee's Grange Vision happily accepts children patients, starting at 3 years old. We make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for little ones!


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What will the optician ask about my child? 

When your family meets with Grange Vision, expect to be asked about a few general eye exam questions:

  • Your child’s general health
  • Common activities
  • Any known eye problems or issues

There will be time at your appointment to address any concerns you have about your child’s vision. The more information we have from you & the child, the more accurate treatment they will receive.


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How to prepare young children for the eye doctor

At Grange Vision, we pride ourselves on the care we take to provide comfort for all our patients no matter what their optometry needs. But caring for small children takes special skill. Going to a new kind of doctor at a young age can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. You can help your child prepare in a number of different ways.

  • Be honest with them about where they’re going and what they’ll be doing at the appointment.
  • Come prepared with a list of questions & concerns so the doctor can find a solution for your child more efficiently.
  • Explain to your child that eye care is an important part of growing up strong & healthy.
For any questions or concerns about your child’s first eye doctor appointment, contact Grange Vision today.